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Strand Theatre - Lakewood New JerseyThe Strand Theatre was built for the Ferber Amusement Company in 1922, by Thomas W. Lamb, to serve as a tryout venue for Broadway shows before they actually went to Broadway.

However, within a couple years of the Strand Theatre opening, the Strand Theatre began to host vaudeville shows and silent films, as well as the occasional play or musical. Among the stars who appeared on the Strand's stage early in their careers included Burns & Allen, Milton Berle, and Ray Bolger.

By the end of the 1940s, the Strand Theater was only showing films. The theater closed in the late 1970s, unable to compete with television and nearby suburban mall theaters.

In 1981, the vacant but still intact Strand Theatre was added to the New Jersey Register of Historical Places, as well as the National Register of Historical Places.

A few years later, a campaign was kicked off to raise funds for the Strand Theatre restoration, but actual restoration of the Strand Theatre did not begin until 1992. Within a year, the Strand theater reopened as a performing arts center, looking very much like it did when it opened 70 years before.